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Workplace Wellness

At Mindful Mindfood, we believe healthy people make for a successful workplace, we offer a range of options to support the wellness of employers and employees to support the success of your workspace with the main focus on regulating the nervous system to reduce effects of work related stress, to inspire clarity, focus and productivity.

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Workplace Wellness

45 minutes - 1 hour sessions


Active mobility and flexibility to support physical health and activity.


Breath work and meditative techniques to reduce stress and support focus.

Sound Therapy

Guided meditative relaxation into sound to calm the body and revitalise the mind.

The Mindful Method

The Mindful Method is an 8-week program with weekly visits where we will check in and practice an array of movement, breath work and inner awareness techniques to help regulate the nervous system to reduce impacts of work related stress, increasing mindfulness, focus and productivity in the workplace.

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