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Offering of Service 

Our vision here at Mindful Mindfood is to empower you to live your most fulfilled life.

To see if working with us is best for you we offer a FREE 15 minute phone or zoom consultation to meet and chat about wether we may or may not be what your unique soul is searching for.  

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Private Yoga Session

Mindful movement suited to your experience and personal goals.

Available in person or online. 


$88 per session 


$264 for 4 sessions


Reiki Session

Energy body scan, hands on  energy therapy and aura sweep.

Available in person or online.


$111 per session

Sound Therapy Session

Energy body scan and guided mediative Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Available in person or online. 


 $133 per session

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Oracle Card Readings

Single card pull:

for daily inspiration.

Three card pull:

for guided direction.

Available in person or online.

 $33 for 1

$44 for 3


The Lover Package - A Sacred Cacao Ceremony

This sacred ceremony is designed to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

A 1.5 hour private session infused with herbal smoke to cleanse, a serving of Cacao to activate the heart, followed by an intention lead meditation and sound journey to deepen ones connection to the three worlds as explained in the Andean Comovision

Ukhu Pacha - Under world

Kay Pacha - Present world

Hanan Pacha - Spirit world

A divine retreat of self love, or to be shared with a special someone, a lover, a friend or family member, or maybe even a small group.

Available in person only:



The Nourish Package

This is a session to nourish the most hard working of souls,

a two hour private session infused with Herbal Smoke Cleansing, Sound Therapy, Reiki and an Oracle Card Reading for clarity and gentle guidance.

A divine retreat for yourself or shared with a special someone, a lover, a friend or a family member.


Individual services valued at $277

As the Nourish Package $166

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Small Private Groups and Events

If you would like to share your experience with someone else or in a small group, at home or in your work place, we have options available.

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