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The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced).

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An interactive 7-week self paced online program, a gentle guide towards a yogic path for living a more mindful and balanced life. Suitable for all ages, levels of practise and walks of life. What will be explored in this program? - An introduction to the history and philosophy of a yogic path and understanding of human consciousness and energy body. - Weekly content focused on connecting and balancing the seven main chakras with understanding of the link between consciousness and the energy body
. - Endless access to seven recorded chakra balancing focused yoga flows, pranayama and meditative techniques
. -Tools for developing your own lasting practise. - Entry to a private group where we can share our experiences and support with one another on our collective journey towards awakening. - On completion endless access to a recorded guided, meditative full body chakra balancing sound journey. Hosted and guided by : Shardasia Schwass, Founder of Mindful Mindfood

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The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced)

The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced)

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