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The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced).

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An interactive self paced online program, with 7-weeks worth of gentle guidance towards a living a more mindful and balanced life through an array of nervous system regulation techniques. Suitable for all ages, levels of practise and walks of life. What will be explored in this program? - An introduction to the history and philosophy of a yogic path and understanding the history and origins of these ancient tools. - Weekly content for daily practice focused on helping to regulate the nervous system, nourish the body and calm the mind through connecting with the seven main chakras toward understanding the link between the physical body, energy bodies and evolution of human consciousness - Endless access to seven recorded chakra balancing focused yoga flows, seven recorded breath work techniques and seven recorded meditative techniques. - Tools for developing your own lasting practise as a lifestyle going forward. - Access to a private group where you can share your experiences and support one another on our collective journey towards awakening. - On completion endless access to a recorded guided, meditative full body chakra balancing sound journey. Hosted and guided by : Shardasia Schwass, founder of Mindful Mindfood More from Shardasia, Kia Ora and Namaste, my name is Shardasia and I am the intuitive mind and creatress behind Mindful Mindfood.  My passion for all things wellness lead me here with a vision of empowering others to live their most fulfilled lives. I have been a practising student of Yoga for about 11 plus years and in 2018 and 2019 I travelled through India and Nepal to attain this ancient knowledge and wisdom of Eastern Philosophies. In this time I attended a 200 Hour Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, along with Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy courses in Rishikesh India, it's an honour to be sharing these powerful teachings and tools around my home country of New Zealand, and now to the wider world online.

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The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced)

The Awakening - Online Program (Self Paced)

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